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ADM Coupons


We currently have the following coupons available for ADM Alliance Nutrition Feeds:


Patriot®                                $15 off 20 bag loyalty coupon

Pen Pals® RABBIT                  $20 off 20 bags loyalty coupon

Proud Paws® PET FOODS       $20 off 10 bags loyalty coupon

GRO & GLO                             $5.00 off one bag

The loyalty coupons are mix and match coupons, so buy different kinds of a feed to make up the required number of bags. For example you could buy 10 Patriot® 14% and 10 Patriot® 12% to use the Patriot® coupon. Also, the loyalty coupons can be fulfilled over time, allowing you to take the discount on your last purchase after the required number of bags have been purchased.

Ask us about these coupons on your next visit to save money on the feeds you love.




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