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We offer a variety of hay for all your feeding needs. We offer grass mixes as well as alfalfa mixes. We offer horse quality hay as well as lower quality hay for cattle. We normally have hay year-round. All of our hay is cured the conventional way, without using chemicals.

Square Bales
Our square bales are tied with rot resistant sisal twine and weigh 45 - 60 lbs depending on cutting. We normally have first and second cutting square bales available year round. Approximate dimensions: 38 inches long, 14 inches tall, 18 inches wide.

Round Bales
Our round bales are high density bales baled with a John Deere baler. We use cover edge net wrap to preserve quality. We normally have first cutting round bales available year round. Second cutting round bales are available during baling season by special order. Approximate dimensions: 4 feet long, 53 inch diameter





We offer bright wheat straw for landscaping and animal bedding. Our straw is dried in the field, then square baled and tied with rot resistant poly twine. Approximate dimensions: 38 inches long, 14 inches tall, 18 inches wide.


Corn Shocks (In Season Only)


We offer quality hand cut corn shocks for fall decorations. Our corn shocks are bundled in 10 stalk bundles and tied with natural jute twine.




We offer a wide variety of feeds for livestock and wildlife feeding at competitive prices. We can also custom mix feeds according to your recipe or help you develop a recipe to suit your needs. Click here for prices.

Shelled Corn / Stove Corn               
Our shelled corn and stove corn is low moisture and is  cleaned using a rotary two screen cleaner, to remove both dust and large cob pieces from the corn. This provides a clean dust-free corn which works well in corn stoves. Uncleaned corn is also available for cattle feed, and other applications. Shelled corn is available in 25 lb and 50 lb bags. Stove corn is available in 50 lb bags

Cracked Corn

Our cracked corn is made from only clean, dry shelled corn in order to provide a healthy consistent feed. Cracked corn is available in 25 lb and 50lb.

Ear Corn                                 
Our Ear Corn is dried naturally in the field and machine picked. It is then hand sorted to provide high quality ears.

All Stock Feed
Our All Stock feed is a simple feed designed to be safe and nutritious for all livestock.

Sheep and Goat Feed
Our Sheep and Goat Feed is an economical feed for sheep and goats at all growth stages. This feed provides adequate nutrition even when feeding low quality hay.

Layer Mash
Our Layer Mash is 18% protein and is an excellent way to boost egg production. Our recipe provides the protein, calcium, vitamins and minerals that hens need to produce eggs. It can be fed free choice alone, or in combination with your current feed. This is a proven recipe which was produced at the Germantown Mill until its closing. Thanks to Glen Kesling for this recipe.

Scratch Feed
Our Scratch Feed is a combination of cracked corn, wheat and oats which provides extra protein vs straight corn.

Cattle Feed
Our cattle feed is made from ground ear corn to provide the roughage that cattle need for proper digestion. We add mineral and protein supplements so that it provides a well balanced feed.

Horse Feed
Our Horse feed  is approximately 11% protein, and is made from only the finest grain products.  Minerals are included in our feed to make this a nutritious feed for horses of all ages. We use dry molasses as the primary sweetener, thus preventing clumping of the feed. A minimal amount of liquid molasses is used to cut dust. The combination of cracked corn, crimped oats, and alfalfa pellets gives this feed a crunch that horses love.

Potbellied Pig Feed / Pig & Sow Feed
Our Potbellied Pig Feed provides a high fiber diet that Pigs love. This feed is also good for pregnant and lactating sows as well as young pigs.

Ground Feeds
We offer ground shelled corn as well as ground ear corn. We can also mix in supplements and minerals, or make custom feeds according to your recipe.


ADM Alliance Nutrition Feeds

We are a dealer for ADM Alliance Nutrition and currently stock the following products. We can also order many other feeds and supplements at your request. Click on the products below for more information.


Custom Baling


We specialize in custom hay baling. From mowing your hay to stacking it in your barn we've got you covered.

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